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KK's Corner Mall

Welcome Home Aisle 1

Welcome Home Aisle 1

Welcome Home has been open since August, 2020.  Jo Ann Pace, a retired school fundraiser, has always been tuned in to antiques and home decor.  She says she can spot an antique store from miles away!

Opening Welcome Home was the fulfillment of manyyears of thinking about having her own retail space.

The store is a glimpse into the past, but it also has new items that are popular with all ages of home decorators.  Seasonal items, especially Christmas, are a staple in the booth.  Jo Ann loves to decorate her house for all seasons, so she has carried that into Welcome Home.

 Jo Ann wants her customers to feel a sense of old-fashioned coziness in her booth.  Please come by for an eclectic collection of what she calls her "goodies".

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